Muir Woods

Muir Woods

Since we were already in the Bay Area, we made sure to check out Muir Woods before we left.  Located in Marin County, Muir Woods is only about 40 minutes north of San Francisco.  Though not actually filmed in Muir Woods, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, referenced it and apparently more people have been visiting the park since the movie was released.  I must warn you though, please be prepared to drive on narrow and winding roads.  I was so nervous that I found myself closing my eyes a few times!

Muir Woods Hillside Trail

There are many different trails that you can hike while you’re in Muir Woods.  The trail map was only a few dollars and definitely nice to keep as a souvenir.  Since it was our first time there, we just hiked the main trail that everyone else seemed to be on.

Muir Woods northern california

California Muir Woods

A phenomenon I noticed was the “crouch down position” everyone seemed to get into when trying to take a photo.  The trees were so tall I guess everyone was trying to get a shot of their amazing height.

Moss at Muir Woods

Moss at Muir Woods

Beautiful moss covered everything like a soft shaggy green carpet.

Fungus on trees at Muir Woods

Colonies of shell colored fungus were growing on many of the trees.

Banana Slug at Muir Woods

The highlight of the trail was definitely the appearance of the Banana Slug!  It was slowly moving across the damp forest floor and I almost stepped on it because the color really matched the fallen leaves on the ground.  Talk about great camouflage.

Overall Muir Woods was really fun and a must see if you’re in the Bay Area.  I would recommend going early in the morning, wearing a good pair of shoes with grip cause the floors can be slippery, and put everything in a fanny pack so that you can be completely hands free on the hike.

Muir Wood’s Official Website / Wikipedia / Yelp / Unofficial Guide

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