California State Capitol

california state capitol

After our hearty breakfast provided by Delta King, we headed over to the California State Capitol for a free tour.  It was a quick five minute drive from Old Sacramento.  I think we might have gotten there even faster if it hadn’t been raining outside.  Oh, good ‘ole Northern California weather… lol.

California State Capitol

After going through the security scan, we entered the lobby area and were greeted by this beautiful carving.

California State Capitol eureka seal

California State Capitol sacramento

We went down a flight of stairs to meet up with our tour guide and waited for the rest of the group to arrive.  Once assembled, we were led upstairs to the room where the California State Assembly met.  The room was empty at the time, but we were told that even when in session, the public could still sit in and watch.

California State Capitol senate

After checking out the State Assembly room, we were led to the other side of the Capitol where the California State Senate held their meetings.  The room felt much more luxurious and plush.  Unlike the State Assembly room being mostly accented with the color green, the State Senate Chamber had deep shade of red throughout.

California State Capitol

Here we have President Lincoln (left) featured in the State Assembly Room and President George Washington (right) in the Senate Chamber.

California State Capitol sacramento

California Governor Jerry Brown portrait

I liked Governor Jerry Brown’s Portrait.  I thought it was pretty cool.

California State Capitol

The California State Capitol tour was very interesting and I’m really glad we went.  I’m sure it’s because we’re a bit older now and found all those geeky facts interesting.  There was a kid in our group being “dragged” along by his grandparents.  Everyone could tell that he was barely hanging in there lol.  The tour is free, parking is close, you just have to make sure you go early to get a spot in the group.  Definitely worth it if you’re in Sacramento.

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