California’s Governor’s Mansion

governor's mansion

After our cheeseburger from Squeeze Inn, we decided to hit up Yelp again and see what was nearby.  We saw that the California’s Governor’s Mansion was only a 5 minute walk, so we left the car where we parked and went on our way.

California's Governor's Mansion

Good thing we left when we did because we arrived just in time for the last tour of the day.

Exterior and model of California's Governor's Mansion

The exterior of the house was so beautiful.  There were big trees, a beautifully manicured lawn, and tons of bright roses that popped against all that green.  To give guests a better idea of the property in it’s entirety, there was a model replica of the mansion displayed in the waiting area.

Living room of California's Governor's Mansion

As you enter, you immediately get the feeling that you’re in a different era.  Everything was in such great shape, you couldn’t tell that no one had been living there for years.

California's Governor's Mansion lamps

California's Governor's Mansion

California's Governor's Mansion

After walking through the downstairs area, we were led up a flight of stairs to the living quarters.  The bathroom was painted a mint green color that went beautifully with the porcelain and wood in the room.

California's Governor's Mansion bedroom

California's Governor's Mansion pink bedroom

This bedroom was my favorite.  The shades of pink paired with the dark wood was so feminine and classic.

California's Governor's Mansion pink bedroom

California's Governor's Mansion restroom

California's Governor's Mansion tub

Our tour guide showed us all the details of the house like the painted claw-foot bathtub in the bathroom and the intricate door hinges.

California's Governor's Mansion Jerry Brown

Governor Jerry Brown studied here when he came home to visit from college.

california governer's mansion breakfast table

This was their breakfast room. The yellow color really made the room feel warm and cheerful.

californias governors mansion

California's Governor's Mansion

This is how their hired help was able to figure out which room needed them.  Reminded me of the bell system they have on the show Downton Abbey.

teal colored old school kitchen

California's Governor's Mansion kitchen

I absolutely LOVED the color of the kitchen. It went so well with the white appliances.

California's Governor's Mansion kitchen

old kitchen pantry

The California’s Governor’s Mansion really was lots of fun and we could have stayed another hour just looking around.  At the time our tour guide mentioned that it was going to be closed due to the deficit reduction program.  But  I believe that it’s still up and running.  Apparently now you can even rent it for weddings and other parties.  If you have the budget, DEFINITELY do it.. it’s absolutely beautiful.

   Official Website / Official PDF Guide / Wikipedia / Yelp

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