Our road trip to Monterey Bay

Road trip to Monterey Bay

Last September we had a week off so we decided to have a road trip to Monterey Bay, then San Francisco.

Road trip to Monterey Bay

We took off early in the morning and the weather was really nice.  Super sunny and of course dry… so lots of pictures of dirt to share.

Road trip to Monterey Bay

We’ve driven these hills before during early spring.  Everything was lush and very green then.

Road trip to Monterey Bay

There was construction on the road so this guy was standing there to stop traffic.  We waited about thirty minutes and this guy stood like this the whole time.

road trip snacks

Since we couldn’t go anywhere, we decided to have a snack break.  These Svenhard’s are from Costco and come in a variety pack.  This Raisin-ette is the only flavor I like, while Jon eats the rest.  They really are VERY sweet so I can only have about 2 a year.. LOL.

road trip to monterey bay

We arrived after about six hours and checked into our hotel, Casa Munras Hotel and Spa.  It’s a small hotel that I think was converted from a motel.

Casa Munras Hotel

The room was pretty small but had great lighting, a cute bathroom, and a nice big plasma TV.

Casa Munras Hotel Monterey Bay

road trip to monterey bay

I loved the look of the property.  There were lots of greenery everywhere and big beautiful trees that made it feel very relaxing.

Monterey Bay / Casa Munras Hotel and Spa / Hotels.com / Tripadvisor

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