Monterey Municipal Wharf

monterey municipal wharf

Monterey Bay has two wharfs.  Old Fisherman’s Wharf is where there are lots of gift shops and restaurants.  Monterey Municipal Wharf is where all the fisherman and wholesale fish companies are.  Being that we were already closer to the Municipal Wharf we decided to check it out before we had dinner.

monterey fish company

It was already late in the afternoon and all of the fish companies were closed.  There were a few fisherman on the dock, but it seemed like everyone else on the wharf were tourists like us.

monterey municipal wharf

royal seafood monterey bay

monterey municipal wharf

monterey bay sea otter wharf

This otter was splashing around and swimming very close to where we were standing.  He/She was busy eating something and we all stopped to watch.  Seeing animals in their natural habitat is so freaken cool!

monterey old fisherman's wharf

You can see Old Fisherman’s Wharf in the distant.  I really love the look of the fog floating over the trees and houses.  It makes everything look dramatic and horror film-y lol.

monterey bay marina

monterey municipal wharf

monterey municipal wharf

monterey bay

I like to imagine that this guy was annoyed at all the yapping seagulls.  He couldn’t even stand the sight of them so he had to turn away… lol

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