Sandbar and Grill

sandbar and grill

At the beginning of Monterey Municipal Wharf there is a restaurant that is tucked under the pier, called Sandbar and Grill.  It was pretty busy so we decided to try it out.  Inside, it was very small but had a cozy feel that I loved.

sandbar and grill

Calamari, Tender Pieces Pounded thin and Fried Golden.  The BEST calamari we’ve ever eaten.  They were so tender and crispy.  Since then, all other calamari we’ve eaten have now been compared to this standard.  We still reminisce about how delicious they were… lol

sandbar and grill clam chowder

New England Style Clam Chowder.

sandbar and grill

Penne Pasta, Prawns and Scallops in Roasted Garlic Alfredo Sauce.  The flavor was light and delicate.  The garlic alfredo sauce was just right and did not overwhelm the fresh seafood flavor.

sandbar and grill sand dabs

Sand Dabs, Fresh Grilled Fillets served with Tarter Sauce

sandbar and grill

The sun was setting and it made everything look even more beautiful.  Even the Sandbar and Grill’s sign looked photo worthy.

monterey harbor

monterey bay beach

monterey municipal wharf parking

monterey bay fish

No wonder fisherman come to Monterey Municipal Wharf to fish.  This isn’t the clearest photo, but you can still see all of the fish that were right under the wharf.  I just wanted to dip a large net and swoop them all up.

monterey bay harbor and marina

All of the birds were very active.  They looked like they were in some kind of feeding frenzy.

monterey bay

As we walked back to our hotel, we came across this door.  It reminded me of the movie The Life Aquatic starring Bill Murray.

casa munras wine bar

casa munras esteban monterey bay

Esteban is the restaurant right next to our hotel.  We didn’t have time to try it out during our stay, but it has good reviews and the outdoor area was always very busy when we walked by.

casa munras monterey bay

Feeling full and very tired, we decided to head off to bed.

Sandbar and Grill / Yelp

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