Monterey Bay Aquarium Part 1

monterey bay aquarium

The last time I visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium was with my family over 15 years ago so I was very excited that we had time to stop by on this trip.  The weather was cool, crisp, and salty.  We arrived there early and there was already a line to get in, along with lots of groups of children on field trips.

monterey bay aquarium

monterey bay aquarium

Monterey Bay Sardines

I had no idea that sardines opened their mouths that way to filter plankton .  I did find myself giggling as I was taking the photo because I kept thinking about the sardines on the show Spongebob Squarepants.

monterey bay penguins

We first checked out the Penguin Exhibit.  We learned about their breeding behaviors, nesting, and how they raise their young.

monterey bay aquarium

monterey bay aquarium

After the penguin feeding, we rushed over to The Open Sea.  It was definitely my favorite exhibit.  The Open Sea is a one-million gallon tank that simulates the migration of ocean animals across the Pacific Ocean.  We got there early to nab a seat in the front for their feeding demonstration.

monterey bay sunfish

My favorite… the ocean sunfish aka molas!!

monterey bay hammerhead

Scalloped hammerhead shark

monterey bay aquarium shark

Blacktip reef shark

Open Sea in Monterey Bay

There was an order to the feeding process.  They first lured the sunfish away, cause he doesn’t move fast enough to not get hurt.  Then they started feeding all the other big fishes.  Last to eat were the sardines.

monterey bay aquarium

monterey bay aquarium

monterey bay aquarium open sea exhibit

monterey bay aquarium

After the feeding, we headed over to the Jellies Experience Exhibit.  This was the Purple-striped jelly.

monterey bay jelly fish

Moon jelly

monterey bay aquarium

Lion’s mane jelly

jelly fish aquarium

monterey bay sea nettle jelly

Sea nettle

monterey bay jellies experience

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Monterey Bay Aquarium Official Website / The Open Sea Live Web cam / Jellies Experience Exhibit


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