Black Tea Soap Cut

black tea soap log

A few days ago I made a batch of black tea soap and today it was ready for cutting.  The soap batch was sliced down the middle to make two loaves, and here is one loaf on the wire cutter.

black tea soap

Freshly cut soap, lined up and getting some sun :D

handmade black tea soap

These stacked soap bars remind me of white chocolate drizzled with milk and dark chocolate…. delicious… lol

The swirls ended up flattening out a bit from when I made it, but I’m excited that the delicate charcoal lines are still nice and sharp.  Another six weeks weeks and I’ll get to try it out.

5 thoughts on “Black Tea Soap Cut

  1. Hi, These are just lovely! They even look good enough to eat lol. But why do you have to wait 6 weeks after cutting it to try it? Thanks

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