Carrot and Calendula Bastille Soap

carrot and calendula handmade bastille soap

Here is a loaf of unscented, uncolored, Carrot and Calendula Bastille Soap I made a week ago.  This was made with 100% pure organic carrots I pureed in place of water, and topped with calendula petals that stay nice and orange.  Bastille soap is made with a high amount of olive oil.  Many people say that in order for a soap to be called Bastille, it’s has to be made with over 50% olive oil  and others say over 70%.  Castile soap on the other hand is made with 100% olive oil.  I love castile soap, but sometimes it’s a bit slippery and does not last very long in the shower.  When other oils are added, such as Palm, Coconut, and Caster, the soap’s lather is bubblier and lasts longer in the shower.

cutting carrot and calendula bastille soap

Even though I laid the soap on its side, the wires still ended up dragging the calendula petals through the soap.  Next time I’ll cut soap with lots of toppings with a knife instead.

carrot and calendula bastille soap

handmade carrot and calendula bastille soap

handmade carrot and calendula bastille soap

I love the little specks of carrots you can still see in the soap.  I hope that once it’s cured, it will still be nice and orange.

Wikipedia on Castile Soap

7 thoughts on “Carrot and Calendula Bastille Soap

      1. Soap with flower or any kind of heavy decorations on top should be turned upside down and cut. This will prevent the drags in the soap.

        1. HI Mae! I agree, any soaps with botanicals on top should be cut upside down. When I normally cut with a knife, laying the soap on its side always works. Since I used my tank cutter for this soap, it still managed to drag the calendula on top :( It’s ok, after a few showers the drag marks were gone :D

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