Marianne’s Garlic Ice Cream

Marianne's Garlic Ice Cream

After almost 2 weeks in Northern California, we headed home.  The trip was really fun and we want to do it again soon.  I mean.. it’s only about 6 hours to drive from Los Angeles to Monterey Bay, and another 2 to San Francisco.  Which isn’t too bad at all.

On the way home, we passed the City of Gilroy.  Every year I try to make a trip to their garlic festival, but something always comes up.  (You have to understand… I LOVE Garlic.  My favorite of course is garlic fries… :D)  I’ve read about their famous garlic ice cream so we had to stop and try some.  The store we visited was The Garlic Shoppe, a small store inside a shopping plaza.  There were garlic dressings, garlic dips, big wreathes made of garlic, and even little garlic figurines.  We ended up picking up some garlic sauces by The Pepper Plant(DELICIOUS), a jar of garlic aoli, and a little container of Marianne’s Garlic Ice Cream.

gilroy garlic ice cream

The ice cream was creamy and tasted a little like french vanilla.  To me, the garlic flavor didn’t come through until the aftertaste.  I’m really not sure if I would have thought to put garlic in ice cream, but it turns out that it wasn’t that weird.  The more we ate… the more addicting it became.  I bet it would have been good to dip into with french fries (garlic fries addict over here.)

I’m glad that we finally got to try garlic ice cream and it was definitely a unique ending to a fantastic trip.

City of Gilroy / Garlic Festival / The Garlic Shoppe / The Pepper Plant / Marianne’s Ice Cream

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