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Herbert Clark Hoover

Almost two years ago (I know this blog isn’t very current), Jon and I decided to visit the Hoover Dam in Nevada. Living in Southern California we’ve visited Las Vegas countless times, but have never felt the urge to see the Hoover Dam. Well Jon had a few extra days off and we decided to finally visit this Nevada landmark.

Hoover Dam rules

We arrived early morning to beat the crowds but found ourselves with lots of people and tour buses that were geniuses like us lol. The parking however was easy and we quickly found ourselves in a line to go inside. Once we purchased the tickets, they took a keepsake photo of us in front of a blue screen, then ushered us upstairs to wait for the tour.

hoover dam tourists

The view from the top was fantastic. From this point you could really see the whole dam and how beautiful the landscape was. The November weather was clear and bright, inviting everyone to embrace their inner Asian tourist (I’m Asian so I can make that joke.. lol).

nevada hoover dam

The Hoover Dam

hoover dam

Once it was time we found our tour guide, and he immediately took us on an elevator down many floors. The tunnels below were cold, dark, and damp. Not great for pictures but was very fun to walk through.

hoover dam penstock viewing

Our first stop was the Penstock Viewing.  Here the tour guide showed us an animated display of how the water is passed from Lake Mead to the dam’s hydroelectric generators.

hoover dam tour penstock viewing

It’s hard to imagine 90,000 gallons of water past through this every second.

Hoover Dam tour

Next we were led into a big room to see some of the dam’s generators.

hoover dam powerplant viewing

hoover dam's generators

More photos on Part 2

Hoover Dam Official Website / Wikipedia / Nevada Tourism / Trip Advisor

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