Hoover Dam Part 2

The Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam underground tunnel

Hoover Dam’s underground tunnels were amazing. They were long, sometimes curvy, low, narrow, and beautifully built. I couldn’t believe that all of this was built by hand in the 1930s.  This tour would have definitely freaked me out if I were claustrophobic.

hoover dam inspection vent

After walking down a long tunnel, we were led to the inspection vent.  Here we were allowed to walk right up to the grates and look out.  The fresh air was much appreciated and I could see everyone oohing and ahhing over the view while inhaling the nice breeze.

hoover dam inspection vent view

This was the magnificent view from the inspection vent.  Amazing :D

hoover dam passageways earthquake

As we walked through the passageways, we couldn’t help but notice all the different writings on the wall.  When asked, our tour guide explained that whenever there’s an earthquake, the passageways are thoroughly inspected.  Any cracks they find are then marked and dated.  This way they can keep an eye on everything.  This one in particular was created on June 15th 1942.  Being that we’re from Los Angeles, earthquakes aren’t a new thing for us, but to imagine being in one of those tunnels when an earthquake strikes… shivers…

hoover dam passageways tour

hoover dam exhibits

After an hour, the tour ended and we were all led back up to the surface.  Jon and I enjoyed soaking up the Nevada sun for awhile, and then headed off to checkout the exhibits.

hoover dam exhibit

We arrived just in time for the presentation to begin.  The show lasted about 15 minutes and featured spotlights, a topographical map, and a voice over explaining where all the water flowed to and from the dam.  Though the presentation wasn’t the most exciting thing we’ve seen, the overall look and feel of the exhibit was very cool.  The colors, design, even the voice over actor, was all very retro.  According to Atlas Obsura, the space was originally used as a headquarters for soldiers protecting the dam during World War II before they restored it.  I wish they had photographs up of when the soldiers were using it.  That would have been a really cool to see.

high scaler cafe bison chili cheese fries

By the time the presentation was done, we were starving.  We headed towards the parking lot and found the gift shop and High Scaler Cafe.  They served American food like hot dogs and hamburgers.  Instead of the same ole same ole, we ordered their Bison Chili Fries.  We’ve bought bison meat many times before from the Hollywood Farmers Market, but had never made it into a chili.  Well gosh darn-it it was delicious.  Flavorful, not overly salty, good meat to beans ratio, and crispy delicious french fries.  Ok, we were starving so that might have skewed our judgement just a little… ahahahah.   Either way it was delicious and really hit the spot.

Winged Figures of the Republic

Before we left the Hoover Dam, we made sure to checkout the Winged Figures of the Republic.  Our tour guide mentioned that if you were to touch the toes with all ten fingers at the same time, you’d be lucky in Vegas.  Soo….

touching toes winged figures of the republic

…of course we both touched it AHAHAHAH.

Overall the Hoover Dam was beautiful and the tours were really informative.  I’m not sure if it’s because we’re getting older but it was really fun :D  We did see lots of kids there sitting around whining :(  So I’m not sure if I’d recommend people bringing their kids.  The power plant and passageways tours (these were the ones we took) would probably not be the greatest choices if you’re claustrophobic.  No worries though, you could still definitely enjoy the view from above and take lots of beautiful pictures.  The Hoover Dam is a must see, especially if you’re going to visit Las Vegas.  Make sure you touch the toes for good luck :D

 Hoover Dam Official Website / Wikipedia / Atlas Obsucra / High Scaler Cafe on Yelp

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