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denver cowparade

Last April, my work brought me out to Denver, Colorado.  Jon had a few days off, so we decided to extend the trip and make it a vacation.  Flying in only took 2 hours and I must say… the Denver airport was really beautiful.  I didn’t take any pictures (Updated 1/9/14 – I guess I did take a picture!  Check it out here), but if you’ve been there you’ll know what I mean.  It was bright, airy, and felt really fresh.  We quickly got our luggage and jumped onto the bus.  About 30 minutes later we got off at the Market Street Station and waited for the 16th Street Free Mallride.  This 1.5 mile shuttle was comfortable, clean, ran every 30 minutes, and on top of that it was free.  We really need to get some of these shuttles back in Los Angeles.  After settling into the hotel (which was only a 5 minute ride on the shuttle), we headed off to find us some dinner.  After Yelping, we decided to eat at Sam’s No. 3.  The restaurant was big, with lots of counter seating, booths, tables and even had a sports bar towards the back.

sam's no. 3 denver fried cheese churds

Fried Cheese Curds – They were so good.  It was like eating mini mozzarella sticks but with a cheesier flavor. Plus I loved the extra chewy texture the curds had.  Paired with marinara, it was delicious.

sam's no. 3 mealoaf melt

Meatloaf Melt – A thick juicy slice of meatloaf with barbeque sauce, ranch, mayonnaise, melted cheddar, on a toasted sourdough bread.  WOW.  Of course we opted for french fries.  Gotta have french fries with a good sandwich.   There was a crunchy pickle in the back too :D

sam's no. 3 meatloaf melt sourdough

Look at how thick and juicy that slice of meatloaf was!

denver sam's no. 3 chili

Bowl of house chili – This was the last thing we shared and honestly I don’t remember much about it.  By the time we finished the appetizer and the sandwich we were so full.  I know it tasted good, but I don’t remember why.  We were still in a cheese curds/meatloaf coma… hahahahaha.

Sam’s No. 3 was pretty darn awesome.  Friendly people, quick service, and a huge menu to choose from.  I bet watching sports games there would be fun.  Later that week we even went back to get their ice cream :D

CowParade / Sam’s No. 3 Official Website / Sam’s No. 3 on Yelp

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