Denver Firefighters Museum

Denver firefighters Museum

The next morning we got ready and walked over to the Delectable Egg for a nice breakfast.  A few locals had recommended it the day before, so we made sure to check it out before we headed to the Denver Firefighters Museum.  The restaurant felt homey and had a country look with all of their chicken and rooster decorations.  The waitress was very friendly and we got our food really fast.

denver delectable egg eggs benedict

Eggs Benedict – Fresh hollandaise sauce poured over two poached eggs, sliced ham, all on top of a toasted English muffin with a side of house potatoes.  This was their specialty so I made sure to order it.  Everything went perfectly and I loved the seasoned potatoes.

denver delectable egg peanut butter crunch french toast

Peanut Butter Crunch – Texas toast smeared with peanut butter and dipped in a crunchy corn flake cereal batter.  A light sprinkling of powdered sugar and a side of Grandma’s Apples.  It was sweet, filling, and had a great crunch.  Jon practically inhaled it!  The side of apples was a bit too sweet for me, but he loved it.  He is Mr. Sweet Tooth for sure :D

Denver Firefighter Museum

colorado denver firefighter museum

After our hearty breakfast we headed towards the Denver Firefighters Museum.  This permanent exhibit is held in the Historic Station No. 1, built in 1909 by Glenn W. Huntington.  Though it was originally named Historic Station No. 1, the actual original Station One was located on 15th street.  It wasn’t until 1909 when the new Station One was constructed.  The museum is 11,000 sq ft and houses 30,000 artifacts and photographs.  Here are some of the very cool items I photographed while we were there.

denver firefighter museum uniform

denver firefighter museum monogram

I thought the etched monograms on the glass were absolutely beautiful.

denver firefighter museum lantern

denver firefighter museum

denver firefighter museum chief wise uniform

We explored both floors and even had a good time in their Children’s Gallery.  We both took turns crawling around their fire safety exhibit reenacting how to safely exit a house if it were on fire.  No pictures, so you’ll have to imagine that one yourself.. lol.  Overall it was really interesting.  No wonder they get over 20,000 visitors each year.

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