Celestial Seasonings Factory Tour

celestial seasonings factory tour

I am a huge fan of drinking teas. I am actually a bit obsessed with teas. We have 2 cabinets in our pantry devoted to everything from American Tea Room’s Brioche, Adagio’s Roobios Vanilla Chai, Bird Pick’s Premium Silky Green Tea, to bags of Korean Barley Tea, and of course some good ole PG tips. Since Boulder Colorado is the home of Celestial Seasonings, I made sure that we took their free factory tour before we left Colorado.

celestial seasonings factory tour

The Celestial Seasonings Factory was about 40 minutes from Denver. Jon’s cousin was sweet enough to pick us up and played tour guide for the trip. The Tour Center is where we checked in and where they had as much free tea as your heart desired. (I have to forewarn you, I don’t have any pictures from inside of the facility because we were asked not to take any photos :( . I will have to do my best to describe everything I remember lol). They had their full range of teas out for everyone to sample as well as milk, sugar, and honey ready to go if you wanted to sweeten up your cup. Of all of the teas I tried, my favorite was their Honey Vanilla Chamomile. It was caffeine free, smooth, flavorful, but still very light. Then for my second cup I added a touch of milk and honey and it instantly transformed into a dessert tea.

celestial seasonings factory tour

After about 30 minutes, our tour started. Hair nets were passed out and we headed off. Our tour guide gave us a quick history of Celestial Seasonings and led us onto the factory floor. This part was my favorite because you could see all the big bags of different herbs and spices that went into a tea blend. Bags of orange peels, chicory, and lemongrass were all stacked up on each other like big Costco sized sugar bags. He explained to us that they imported different components of a single tea blend from all over the world to create a delicious cup. Very cool.

Next we were led to the infamous Peppermint Room. Mint leaves had to be held in their own room because they were so strong and would affect all other flavors it sat next to if it were out on the warehouse floor. This room was intense. I could feel the tingle in my nose, throat, and even on my skin. It was sweet but so intense. LOVED it.. ahahahah

The last part we saw was where they packed their teas. Big machines made the tea bags and packed them into their boxes, then finally the whole box would be cellophane wrapped for retail. The tour was short but so informative. All the employees were so nice and they all seemed to have a great passion for their teas ( maybe it’s the caffeine from their Morning Thunder ahaha ).

celestial seasonings time capsule

driving from boulder to fort collins

We shopped for a little bit (bought a box of Honey Vanilla Chamomile of course) and headed towards Fort Collins.

Here’s a video produced by Celestial Seasonings where you can see a bit more of what their factory tour looks like since I couldn’t take any photos.

Free tours, free tea, interesting information what else can you ask for? Go checkout Celestial Seasonings if you’re in Colorado.

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