Country Kitchen Holiday Beer Soap

Country Kitchen handmade soap

Nothing gets me more excited than making huge batches of handmade soap. This slab of Country Kitchen beer soap weighed in at 11lbs and I loved every minute of making it. I say minute because holy moly it set up fast. If you make handmade soaps you know that some fragrance or essential oils tend to bring on a faster trace. Of course I decided to use a fast tracing fragrance oil blend + a discounted water recipe. The combination of the two meant that I had only a few minutes before the whole thing setup. I really have no idea what I was thinking… lol. I mixed, separated the colors, mixed again, then started to plop the soap into the mold like a madwoman.  Good thing I was still able to do a little design inside and on top.

Country Kitchen holiday beer soap

What exactly is beer soap?  Well every soap recipe needs a liquid to dilute the sodium hydroxide (lye).  Even though most of the time that liquid is distilled water, you could essentially use any type liquid.  Beer, wine, milk, juice, tea, are all great alternatives.  Each liquid adds a slightly different quality to the soap.  Not to mention that it’s just plain fun to use a soap made with beer :D  This batch is made with 100% beer and not a single drop of added water.  Unfortunately you won’t get drunk from using the soap, but beer tends to make the soap a little more bubbly due to the sugars.

country kitchen holiday beer soap

These bars have just been cut.  After a few weeks of drying, I’ll go in and tidy up the edges.

handmade beer soap

Cut bars on the right, and full loaves on the left.  Half have already been sold and the rest will be for gift giving.

Here are the Countryside Kitchen Cupcake Soaps I made last year.  Same colors, different recipe, and a slightly different blend of fragrance oils.

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