Photos from our trip to Fort Collins

Though our trip to Fort Collins was a short one, we had some pretty memorable moments.  Here are a few photos that I’d love to share from our trip.

fort collins colorado cat

Akane, the smallest adult cat I’ve ever met.  This cutie pie had the tiniest little paws and the chubbiest cheeks.  She loved to lay right by us.  Close but not too close.  This made me want to squeeze her even more (queue mental image of Elmyra Duff).  One afternoon we came back and saw that she had dropped her little toy mouse on Jon’s slipper.  Though this might had been on accident, I’d like to believe that she was confessing her love for him by offering him her greatest treasure.

Belgian Malinois colorado

Veronica, the first Belgian Malinois I had ever met.  She was sweet, very gentle, and loved to get petted.  She was great on walks and we even got to go hiking with her.  Though she was many times bigger than Akane, we knew who really ruled the roost.

The Haunted Game Cafe fort collins

The Haunted Game Cafe, this was the first time we had ever gone to a hobby shop that also had a coffee bar in it.  I had a very delicious Ginger Chai Latte, and watched people play various card and board games.  If we lived in Fort Collins, I’m sure we’d be there all the time.

playing carcassonne

Carcasonne, my obsession.  Jon’s cousin taught us this game while we were at The Haunted Game Cafe and I’ve been playing it ever since.  As soon as we got back to LA we bought the game off of Amazon.  Then I spent another $10 on iTunes and bought the Carcasonne app.  It’s a very easy game to learn but hard to master.  For me at least :D

playing talisman boardgame

Talisman, the best and definitely the longest board game I’ve ever played.  Jon’s cousins taught us this game and I’m so glad that they did. Talisman is set in a fantasy world with wizards, ghouls, and even hags.  If you’ve ever played this game you’ll remember the hag.  EHHHHHH.  The goal of this game is to move around the board until you reach the center (basically the end), and you try to claim the crown.  If you’re a fan of the show Big Bang Theory, then you might have seen them playing Talisman.

Poudre Fire Authority

Poudre Fire Authority, on the way to the airport, we stopped by Fort Collin’s local fire department and Jon traded a patch with them.  I had never seen fire engines that were white.  It’s a pretty cool look.

Denver colorado Airport

Denver International Airport,  this airport was inspired by the snow-capped mountains and Colorado’s Native American teepees.  I just loved how beautiful and airy it felt while you were inside.

denver to los angeles

And that was our trip to Denver and Fort Collins.  Loved everything about it, but it was time to head home.  We must visit Colorado again :D

Visit Fort Collins, Colorado / The Haunted Game Cafe’s Official Website / The Haunted Game Cafe on Yelp


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