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Laos Market Las Vegas

They have a menu board as well as a ready to eat deli cabinet.

Living in Los Angeles basically means that you’re required to go to Las Vegas at least once a year.  Of all the times I’ve been there, I had never really explored outside of the strip.  On this family Vegas outting, we decided to try something new which was Lao food.  This Loas Market was about 10 minutes from the strip and had everything from Lao pantry staples to fresh vegetables, and even a little restaurant in the back corner.  Being that it was the first time we had Lao food, Jon’s sister’s boyfriend did all of the ordering.  They frequent this place and knew exactly what to order.

lao papaya salad

Fresh Papaya Salad,  green papayas are sliced into thin strips and mixed with everything from palm sugar, salty fish sauce, lime, chili, to create a very complex flavor.  Though it sounds like it would be a sweet dish being that it’s made from papayas, its actually savory.  The texture of the papaya reminds me of raw zucchini noodles.  It’s slightly chewy, firm, and a little crispy.  It really is very refreshing.  At the Laos Market, they offer both Laos and Thai Papaya Salad.  The only difference I’ve read online is that the Lao one has fish sauce, but I’m really not 100% sure.

laos market larb

Larb, larb is kind of a meat salad and is a very popular in Laos.  This by far was my favorite dish.  It was so flavorful that you could eat a whole bowl of rice with just this.  Like with many Thai dishes, it was served with a side of fresh cucumbers to cool your mouth between every spicy bite.

laos market las vegas

A side of fresh mint and lettuce to eat with the larb.  What a great way to make your own low carb Asian tacos lol.

vietnamese  laos noodle

This soup noodle dish reminded me of a cross between Taiwanese Beef Noodles and Vietnamese pho.  Because Laos neighbors Thai and Vietnam, I can see how the food is heavily influenced by them.  Savory broth and chewy noodles made it very delicious.  Though it wasn’t my favorite (I even forgot the name.  I think it’s the Chicken Noodle Soup Vietnamese Style), I thought it was good.  Possibly very good if you’re trying to cure a hangover lol.

lao steamed sticky rice

Now the piece de resistance was the little bamboo steamer of sticky rice.

laos steamed sticky rice

steamed sticky rice laos

I was taught to roll the rice into a ball and then eat it with the papaya salad or larb.  WOW the rice was so good.  It was so chewy and had a great flavor on its own.  This would be dangerous to have at our house cause I’d be carbing it up every night.

Overall the place was delicious, the prices were great,  and Jon and I will stop by again the next time we’re in Las Vegas.

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