Traveling to New Orleans

traveling to new orleans

Last year Jon and I were lucky enough to fly to New Orleans, spend a week there, then another full week driving back to Los Angeles.  At first we were thinking about going to Orlando, but figured that Disney World would be a much better choice when we have kids.  So after months of planning, we set off on our first long road tripping adventure.

geese flying southern california

We left early Tuesday morning and the beautiful geese we saw outside our house was a great sign for travel.

on our way to new orleans

Jon’s brother Eric was nice enough to take us to LAX.  Thanks again Eric for battling LA traffic to take us to the airport!

united at lax

checking into united lax

We flew United and the check in process was quick and simple.  The other papers were for checking into our hotel and our contacts for our driver.  Seems a bit anal since we live in a digital age, but I was worried that somehow we’d get no cell reception or our batteries were dead so I printed everything out.

flying to new orleans from lax

flying to new orleans on united

It was a pretty gloomy day in Southern California and and we were very excited to get out of town.

arriving in new orleans airport

new orleans children artwork

arriving new orleans airport

After a 4 hour flight we arrived!  One of the first things we noticed was the beautiful color scheme of the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.  Everything just felt festive and cheerful.  They apparently just spent $300 million on renovations to welcome Super Bowl XLVII that they had earlier that month.

arriving new orleans airport

new orleans big e transportation service

As soon as we got our bags our driver was there to pick us up.  We booked an appointment with Big E and he was the coolest guy ever.  What a great New Orleans native :D  On the ride to our hotel, we chatted about the city, food, and of course HBO’s Treme.

hotel mazarin new orleans french quarter

After a quick 30 minute ride, we arrived at Hotel Mazarin.  We decided on this hotel since it was in the middle of the French Quarters and was walking distance to everything.

hotel mazarin fountain

The hotel’s courtyard had a beautiful fountain where the complimentary breakfasts were held every morning.  I had also read that lots of people have had their wedding ceremonies held by the fountain.  Though we didn’t get to see any weddings while we were there, there was a corporate meeting held there that week.  What a cool treat it would be to have your company meeting held in New Orleans!

hotel mazarin new orleans

hotel mazarin new orleans french quarter

After laying on the bed and admiring our very own chandelier, we decided that we had better go get some dinner before we passed out ;)

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