The streets of the French Quarter at night

walking around in new orleans

After spending a couple of hours having dinner and shopping, we decided to head back to our hotel.  I was really worried that our pralines and cigars would have gotten wet if it had started to rain again.  Can you imagine how sad it would have been if our pralines melted??

exploring french quarter new orleans

The rain had made the streets dark and shiny, which made all of the photos I took that night even more dramatic.

exploring french quarters at night

new orleans french quarter

Since it was early Spring, the air felt crisp and the weather wasn’t humid at all.  I bet the restaurant appreciated the fresh breeze.

exploring french quarter new orleans

french quarter new orleans

Lots of people were taking advantage of the break in the rain to explore.

raining in the french quarter new orleans

royal street new orleans

I loved that the streets had these tiled letters that let you know where you were.

french quarters at night

Lots of people and taxis coming in from Canal Street.

hotel mazarin in new orleans

This was the little back patio of Hotel Mazarin where our room was located.  I’m glad we were back here because I’ve read that you could hear Bourbon Street all night in some of the other rooms.  Ours was quiet and felt very private.

southern candymakers new orleans

Of course the first thing we had to do was pop open a box of pralines to try.  Eating candy on the bed! This never happens at home cause that’s how you get ants!!!

new orleans pralines

We picked an assortment of pralines.  As you can see most of them have nuts.  I love candies with nuts.

southern candymakers pralines

the cigar factory new orleans

the cigar factory new orleans

Jon’s sampler box of cigars to try out while we were vacationing.  I know nothing about cigars, but I appreciated the wooden box and cute matchbox it came with lol.

Hotel Mazarin New Orleans

And that concluded the first day in New Orleans.  Though we only had time to catch dinner and check out a few stores, the French Quarter really made a nice impression on us.  Laying on our soft bed, tucked away in those luxurious sheets, and sleeping under a chandelier all made us feel very fancy :D

Hotel Mazarin’s Official Website / Southern Candymakers Official Website / Cigar Factory New Orleans Official Website

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