Honey Almond Matcha Milk Tea

honey almond matcha milk tea recipe

If you love the taste of matcha and obsessed with milk teas like I am, then you’ll love my Honey Almond Matcha Milk Tea recipe (phew! that’s a long name).  I always order milk teas when I go to Chinese cafes, but I really hate that they use non-dairy creamer and powdered flavors in their drinks.  I know that that’s the traditional Taiwanese Milk Tea recipe, but it’s just not very healthy.  But let’s be honest, when I’m at a cafe I’ll still order it (lol), but I prefer to make healthier versions at home.  It’s all about a balance right? :D

matcha milk tea recipe

You need 1 teaspoon of honey (the latte mix is sweetened, but free to add more), 3 tablespoons of heavy cream (you can substitute with any other types of milk you’d like.  I prefer the richness of heavy cream for this drink because it just adds a good mouthfeel and pairs well with these strong flavors), 2 bags of PG tips black tea (Amazon affiliate link), and of course 1 tablespoon of Two Hills Tea Almond Matcha Latte Mix.  The Almond Matcha Latte Mix was complimentary and sent to me for review and use on my blog.  If you’d like more information on their organic matcha and teas please checkout their official website and Facebook page.

organic matcha green tea leaf powder

Pour 1 tablespoon of Two Hills Tea Almond Matcha into 1 tablespoon of hot water and stir thoroughly.  This step could be skipped because I found that the matcha latte mix dissolves very well directly into a drink.  It’s like duhh.. it’s made for lattes.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I shot this step… hahahahah.

pg tip tea leaves

Drop 2 bags of PG tips tea bags into 1 cup of boiling water.

honey almond matcha milk tea

Oh yeah… look at those bags mingle in the cup.  It’s like watching tea porn… lol

honey matcha milk tea recipe

Steep for 1.5 minutes and remove the tea bags.  IMPORTANT!  Make sure you don’t squeeze the bags when you remove it.  Squeezing bagged teas releases the tannins and makes the overall drink very bitter.

honey almond macha milk tea

Pour in the matcha (pre-dissolved like my photo or add the powder directly into the cup), 3 tablespoons of of heavy cream, and 1 teaspoon of honey into steeped tea.

honey almond macha milk tea

Stir and enjoy your cup of Honey Almond Matcha Milk Tea.  Look at you, you’re so fancy ;)

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