Artisanal LA Spring Show 2014 Part 1

Artisanal LA Spring Show

Yesterday Jon and I attended Artisanal LA for the first time (thank you again Bradley for the free tickets) and it was SO FREAKEN FUN. We sampled everything from cookies, cakes, teas, olive oil, and even unicorn poop. We shopped for hours and met lots of artisans. We chit chatted about Comic-Con, Burning Man, roasted nuts, jams, habanero peppers, and even salt. Yes… we had conversations about salt. If you’ve got an inner hipster in you and appreciate good food and craft, you’ll definitely want to stick around for the next couple of posts. I took well over a hundred photos and I’ll be posting them this week. This way you can experience what it was like to attend Artisanal LA’s Spring Show 2014 .

Artisanal LA LA Mart

As we pulled into the The Reef, also known as the LA Mart Building, we immediately saw the gigantic wooden chair in the parking lot. Since LA Mart is home to many furniture and design showrooms, I wasn’t surprised to see such a fun statement-making piece outside. According to Roadside America, this 40-foot-tall oak chair was made in Fruili, Italy. The chair was given to America after they dethroned America’s World’s Largest Chair title.

Artisanal LA All Star Photo Booth

Upon entering the showroom floor, we were greeted by an All Star Photo Booth. We took 3 photos, waited 30 seconds while it printed, and were left with a great little memento from our first Artisanal LA.

Insta Party Box

People that tweeted with the hashtag #artisanalla even had their photos printed automatically by the Insta Party Box. How cool would this be if you had your wedding guests use a unique #, and the photos would out print instantly? So cool…

Artisanal LA Joia Soda

artisinal la

Joia all natural soda was our first sample stop of the day and it was delicious.  Not only did these unique sodas have really interesting flavor combinations, they are also all natural, with no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup.  The girl that worked the booth was really nice and poured us samples of all the flavors.  All of them.  This was like getting unlimited Costco samples without having to pretend to walk away and come back!  You know you do it too… you know you do :D

Joia Natural Soda

This bottle of Blackberry Pomegranate & Ginger soda was not only beautiful but it also tasted great.  I love anything ginger flavored.

Artisanal LA Joia

As good as the Blackberry one was, this Grapefruit Chamomile & Cardamon was my favorite.  It was sooooooo delicious and reminded me of a starfruit.

Joia natural sodas

Here are all of the flavors lined up.  Whole Foods is the closest place for us to get them, but checkout their map if you’re looking to try something new.

Artisanal LA Skylight Books

Skylight Books is an independent bookstore located in Los Feliz, and it was great to discover them at the show.  They brought such a great variety of cookbooks, we thumbed through them for awhile before heading off to explore the rest of the show.

skylight books los feliz

Artisanal LA books

Kage Design Studios Artisanal LA

Kage Design Studio had a great setup featuring some of their indoor rustic furniture.  They specialize in custom furniture design and is run by a husband and wife duo.  Each piece was unique because they use reclaimed wood in their pieces.

artisanal la furtniture

I loved the look of the white plates on top of their wooden dining table.  So eco chic.

naiad soap artisanal la

Next stop was Naiad Soap Arts.  Being a lover of whipped soap and all things cupcakes, I had to take a picture of this setup.

Artisanal LA Soap

How cute is that swirl with the little curly tip.  I’m surprised nobody tried to lick this… lol.

artisanal la naiad soap

Here’s her lotion setup and the row of testers on the bottom.  By the time we were done smelling everything, our arms smelled like a candy/fruit/flower shop lol.

naiad soap soap samples

Before we left Erin (the creator) reminded us to scoop ourselves a little sample.  How nice was that?

naiad chocolate coconut whipped soap

Here’s my little Chocolate Coconut Sugar Whipped Soap sample :D  Looked just like chocolate mousse!

artisanal la all good sauce

I don’t normally buy a lot of hot sauce but this Habanero Chili Sauce from All Good Sauce was calling to us.  These little cute (but deadly strong) bottles of cheerful orange sauce was delicious.  I used to eat a lot of hot sauce, but find that I can’t seem to handle the heat nowadays.  So…. I asked to try a little.  I mean a little.  Don’t laugh cause I took a picture of how little I tried.

Habanero Mango All Good Sauce LA

HAHAHAHAHAHAH you may think that it’s such a small amount but I could really taste the flavor.  Because they blend Mexican habanero peppers with mango, there was a lot of heat, but also sweetness.  I later tried a cracker with just a drop of hot sauce alone (sans cheese) and woah that was strong.  We bought a little bottle and headed off.

Artisanal LA Spoon Me Sweetly

After all that heat we were glad to find a booth with something sweet.  Spoon Me Sweetly (how cute is that name) specializes in dipped spoons, sugar drops, and even dipped pretzel thins.

Artisinal LA Spoon me Sweetly

They also design beautiful wedding invitations so I wasn’t surprised that their logo was so darn cute.

spoon me sweetly dipped spoon

One of their dipped spoon bouquets.  Perfect for Mother’s Day!

peanut butter dipped pretzel thins

Peanut Butter Dipped Pretzel Thins is one of their Signature Snacks.

Artisanal LA Unicorn Poop

As we were leaving I saw this sign and turned around to ask what it was.  Who doesn’t want to try Unicorn Poop??

pink unicorn poop

Pink Unicorn Poop!  Their Sugar Drops are flavored and meant to be used like you would a sugar cube.  They came in cute little boxes and each one included a unique recipe to pair with the flavor.  I didn’t take a picture of the box but you can see them here on their website.

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