Artisanal LA Spring Show 2014 Part 2

Artisanal LA Socha Tea

Socha Tea had a great booth that served up speciality tea mocktails all day at Artisanal LA.  What exactly are mocktails?  They’re basically non alcoholic party drinks!  Since I’m not really adrinker, I loved the idea of their mocktail bar.

Artisanal LA Spring Show

We sampled all three flavors and my favorite was their Chamomile Peach Citrus.  It was light, and so refreshing.  Socha Tea Company is based in Pasadena, CA and specializes in blending high quality ingredients and natural flavors to create fun and interesting flavors.

Socha Tea Company

Artisanal LA Socha Tea

This Warm Pumpkin Pie tea smelled so good.  I thought they were very brave to showoff a traditionally Fall flavor in Spring.  I’m sure there were some people going through pumpkin flavor withdrawal that appreciated giving this a good whiff lol.

socha tea mocktail

Their herbal Healing tea looked beautiful and had lots of chamomile buds and pieces of citrus peels.

EJH Brand Candles Artisanal LA

Next booth was EJH Brand Candles.  All of these candles were hand poured and made of natural coconut wax.  Each candle was fragranced with 100% pure essential oils, which is quite rare in the candle industry.  I absolutely loved the black and white packaging as well as the artwork printed on the boxes.  These beautiful drawings were created by Elana Joelle Hendler.  She is a California-based artist and the EJH Brand is her luxury lifestyle company.   I think that these candles would almost be too beautiful to burn!   This Wild Rose smelled just like fresh roses without any hints of Grandma.  But as much as I liked their rose candle…

Artisanal LA candle

their Nectarine Mint was my favorite :D  So fresh and girly, this scent is perfect for Spring.

Beyond the Olive Artisanal LA

Turning the corner, we found Beyond The Olive.  Like Chefs Olive Mix in Sacramento that we’ve already been to, Beyond the Olive also feature infused olive oils and vinegars.  They encourage people to bring back the empty bottle and refill it at a discounted price.  It’s all about being green.  Since the store is only 10 minutes away from us, I really won’t have an excuse not to go back and try the other flavors they carry.

Artisanal LA Beyond the Olive

Artisanal LA olive oil

beyond the olive artisanal la

beyond the olive artisanal la

Since they carry olive oils and vinegars, it was only natural for them to have their own salad dressing.  This was pretty darn good.

fig balsamic vinegar

Of all the flavors of oils and vinegars we tried, their Fig Balsamic Vinegar was our favorite.  The vinegar was a deep dark color, with the sweet taste of fig and an underlying tartness from the balsamic.  This would be perfect drizzled on cheese or even dipped with strawberries!  Good thing we bought a big bottle :D

Hepp's Salt Bar Artisanal LA

Hepp’s Salt Bar booth was really busy and we had to see what the excitement was all about.  I had no idea how delicious flavored salts would be… but OMG  they blew my mind.  Their truffle salt was AMAZINGGGGGG.  The moment the top of the bottle was unscrewed, I smelled truffle.  It was like BAM.  The rest of the day I kept thinking about sprinkling truffle salt on top of macaroni and cheese, crusty buttered bread, and even popcorn.  I already make a mean truffle popcorn with Trader Joe’s Truffle Oil, but if I sprinkled truffle salt…OMG… still drooling at the thought lol.

truffle salt artisanal la

They carry both a Black Truffle Salt as well as White Truffle Salt.  I thought both were delicious, but the Black Truffle was just more intense and decadent.

Hepp's Salt Artisanal LA

When I took this picture I had no idea how good it was going to be.  Who knew these tiny salt crystals would hold so much flavor.  On a side note.. man my hand looks HUGE lol.

Hepp's Salt

heps salt

So many different colors and flavors.  Some are better for cooking and some are made for  finishing a dish.

dark chocolate sugar

Not only did Hepp’s Salt Co carry salts, they also had flavored sugar crystals.  Though we didn’t taste each and every salt flavor (in fear of passing out from high blood pressure), we sure did taste all of the sugar ones!

Hepp's ginger sugar

Their Dark Chocolate and Ginger were delicious, but my favorite was their…

Artisanal LA Hepp's salt

Clove sugar.  EHHH why didn’t I buy a pack!  This would have been delicious as a finishing sugar sprinkled over a latte, or even directly on buttered toast.  I was so overwhelmed with all the flavors that I completely forgot to add this to our order :(  Oh clove sugar, how am I going to live without youuuuuuu??

artisanal la choctal ice cream

What do you need after you’ve sampled salt?  Ice cream of course!  Choctal ice cream flavors feature single origin chocolates and vanillas from rainforests from all over the world.  Everything is gluten-free, egg-free, and have no artificial additives.

Choctal Indonesian Vanilla Ice cream

The flavor tour started off with their Indonesian Vanilla Ice cream.  It was a little runny from sitting out, but I slurped it up like a milkshake.  The vanilla was light but flavorful.

choctal mexican vanilla ice cream

Their Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream was my favorite.  I felt like the flavor was bolder.   Perhaps it was the underlying cinnamon notes? *learned that from their website.  Don’t I sound knowledgeable… hahaah.

Artisinal LA Choctal Ice Cream

Oh no I totally forgot which flavor this was!  I did however remember that the intensity was between a milk chocolate and a dark chocolate.

choctal Artisanal LA

No idea which chocolate this one was but it was so good (does anyone else remember the name?).  I prefer dark chocolate so this one really hit the spot.  Look at how dense the ice cream looks?  They aren’t messing around at Choctal.

Choctal Indonesian Vanilla

After trying all 4 flavors, we decided to buy a container of Papua New Guinea Vanilla Ice Cream.  It was a flavor that we hadn’t tasted, so we knew we had to buy try it.  The container was pretty hard at the time, so we had to let it sit out before trying it.

Artisanal LA ice cream

After 15 minutes it was perfect!  The sides were milk shake-y but the middle was still firm.  A perfect combination of textures.  The Papua New Guinea Vanilla was light and reminded me of the Indonesian Vanilla.   All of the Choctal ice creams were rich and decadent despite not having any eggs as an ingredient.  Pretty cool if you have an egg allergy.

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