Artisanal LA Spring Show 2014 Part 3

Artisanal LA Spring Show

What goes perfectly with ice cream???  Beef Jerky of course lol!  As we were eating our ice creams from Choctal, we headed to the Krave Jerky booth.  As we squeezed our way to the front, we were greeted with eight different types of jerky to sample.

krave jerky chili lime beef jerky

My favorite flavor from Krave was their Chili Lime Beef Jerky.  IT WAS SO DELICIOUS.  Despite the big seeds you see on this piece, I didn’t find it terribly spicy.  Just a zesty lime flavor and a spicy kick at the end.

Artisanal LA Spring Show krave jerky

Every bag of Krave jerky is gluten-free, nitrite free, MSG free, and corn syrup free, so it’s basically health food.  So sampling all eight flavors is just like giving my body a dose of health (that’s what I had to keep telling myself since I felt like a pig at that point lol).

artisanal la spring show

My second favorite flavor was their Basil Citrus Turkey Jerky.  I had never had turkey jerky until this point.  It was so moist, tender, and flavorful.  It must be because they marinate each batch of meat for 48 hours then bake it.  After deciding on which flavors we liked, we picked up a few bags and headed off.

awesome candle Artisanal LA Spring Show

The Awesome Candle specializes in 100% soy wax candles and use up to 7% fragrance oil in their recipe.  They believe that the candles you burn in your home should be fragrant, but still healthy enough for you to have around your children and pets.

the awesome candle

Their booth setup was clean and simple with pops of pink that stood out against the white.  People were busy sniffing each candle scent trying to figure out which ones were their favorite.

the awesome candle artisanal la spring

Mine was Fresh Cotton.  I loved their logo and simple packaging design.  I can see this matching anyone’s home very easily.

purenola Artisanal LA Spring Show

Never thought that I’d be so darn excited to write about a granola company.  PUREnola granola is different from other companies because they use sprouted nuts and seeds in their recipes.  Each batch has sprouted organic raw nuts, sprouted organic raw seeds, maple syrup, and other all natural ingredients, like cold pressed organic coconut oil and organic vanilla.  These sprouted granolas are perfect for people that follow a grain free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, raw food, vegan, and even paleo diet.  Phew that was a mouthful.

PUREnola granola

They sell all of their granola in glass jars and encourage their customers to return their empty jars towards their next purchase.

purenola granola

Look at that texture.  It’s light, delicate, and filled with lots of different ingredients than your average oatmeal based granola.

chocolate purenola granola Artisanal LA Spring Show

Look at how delicious their Salted Chocolate looks.  It was definitely my second favorite flavor.  Come on… organic raw cacao powder and gourmet organic sea salt???  The perfect flavor combo.

purenola granola

Now Coconut was definitely my favorite flavor.  It was coconut-y without having that usual fake coconut taste.  This is probably because instead of adding something artificial, they used unsweetened shredded coconut as their main flavor.   Each batch takes three days and it was definitely THE MOST DELICIOUS GRANOLA I’VE EVER TASTED.  Yes… and it’s also THE MOST EXPENSIVE GRANOLA I’VE EVER PURCHASED.  It cost $18 for this large jar.  Was it worth it??? YES.  Can I afford to buy it all the time?  Sadly No.. lol.  It’s special though.. this granola is very special.

Artisanal LA Spring Show

After feasting on so many samples, it was nice to stop in a booth that didn’t have food lol.  Post Studio was created by Beth Duffy and Erik Kistel.  Their story began when they started to shop for art pieces to hang in their apartment.  Not finding anything that fit their style, they decided to create their own.  Voila!  That’s how Post Studio was born.  Now you can find their design on framed and unframed prints for your wall, serving trays, and even wooden coasters.

post studio wood coasters

All of their pieces have unique color combinations and beautiful lines.  They call their style “California pop” and I can definitely see why.  It’s the perfect combination of modern lines, beautiful color, and interesting graphics.

artisanal la spring show

What.. more food??? Yes.  We were walking a lot so that’s a lot of burned calories to make up lol.  Awesome Bars is a vegan, high protein granola bar made with real ingredients like oats, roasted almonds, brown sugar, and coconut oil.  The retro looking bars are fresh, natural, and preservative free.  At $2.50 a bar, it’s definitely affordable because these suckers were pretty big.

awesome bars artisanal la

I tried a piece of their Coconut Pecan and it was really good.  Actually, it was pretty filling.  No wonder creator Leah Melnik dreamt these granola bars up while training for a marathon.  Eating a full bar would probably be a great on-the-go meal.

sap Artisanal LA Spring Show

Eden’s Savory Sap was created by self-trained chef, Eden Batki.  These bottles of “Sap” are made from combining cane sugar, filtered water, and natural herbs, flowers, and roots.  These flavor infused simple syrups are perfect for artisanal sodas, cocktails, dressings, cakes, and cookies.  Her creations can also be added to stir fry, salsas, teas, and even Hungarian stuffed cabbage.  Look at the list of flavors!

Artisanal LA Spring Show sap

Her shelves were lined with dark brown bottles filled with amazing flavors like Roots (made with Dandelion, Birch, Fennel, Lapsang Souchong) and Espresso Cardamom (rich espresso with a kick of cardamom).

artisanal la sap

More bottles of delicious flavors.

eden's savory sap Artisanal LA Spring Show

Oh my, this Sage Rosehip Elderflower one was so delicious.  According to their website, they even forage for these herbs and flowers themselves!  How cool is that???

Bon Bliss Artisanal LA Spring Show

Bon Bliss specializes in moisturizing salt and sugar scrubs that you can use on your whole body or just your hands.  They’ve made from salt, sugar, cocoa butter, shea butter, and other amazing and moisturizing oils.  This husband and wife team was created when Elissa wanted to moisturize her hands without constantly applying lotions.  Being a product junkie, she tried everything, but couldn’t find the perfect product.  So she decided to create her own.

bon bliss artisanal la

These large scrubs are their Body Truffles and are perfect for a full body scrub.  All you have to do is bring one with you into the shower, peel off the brightly colored candy wrappers, and begin to massage it onto your skin.  After you rinse off, you’ll find that your skin is soft and moisturized.

bon bliss scrubs

These colorful tins contain smaller scrubs perfect for at home manicures.  Just crumble one into your hands, exfoliate, and rinse.

scrub 2 go bon bliss Artisanal LA Spring Show

Aren’t these adorable?  They look just like little candies.  Sweet Satsuma was definitely my favorite scent.  It was bright, citrusy (is this even a word?), and juicy.

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