My first Influenster VoxBox

influenster voxbox

Woohoo! I just received my very first Influenster VoxBox!!! What the heck is a VoxBox and why am I so excited??? Well come along as I explain to you the basics of Influenster and why you’ll want your very own VoxBox too.

Influenster is a website where lots of people review and test various products.  Every member is scored on how influential they are online, and receive an Impact Score. This score is calculated from the number of followers you have on your Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Facebook, and a variety of other social media websites.  As you increase your social media reachability, your Impact Score grows.

Besides your score, you can also earn Expert Badges.  These badges are earned by doing a variety of reviews, answering questions, asking questions, and even fun stuff like taking pictures of new products on the shelves of your favorite stores.  The great thing is, even if you aren’t into beauty products, you can earn badges from reviewing vitamins you’ve tried, cookies you’ve eaten, and even tech products you love.

So as you grow your score and earn various Expert Badges, you will receive Snaps.  Snaps are short surveys that help Influenster pair you up with a campaign or help you earn extra badge points. Trust me, it’s very exciting to get Snap notifications.  If they find that you’re a good match for a particular campaign, they’ll send you a VoxBox!

So now onto the exciting part, the VoxBoxes.  VoxBoxes are boxes filled with goodies ranging from lip balm, shampoo, to candies, and even coffee.  I’ve only received one box (so far hehehe), and everything was full sized except for the Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa.  I’ve seen Influensters receive full sized lotions, makeup, and even a Keurig.  A KEURIG!  This is why you NEED to sign up for Influenster.

So what’s the catch?  The catch is that you need to (or really should) test and review the products once you receive it.  I figure since you’re getting something for free, the least you could do is use it, and write a few sentences on what you think about it.  Of course you could also just take photos of it and post it onto your Twitter and Instagram accounts.  The downside is that the less they see you interacting with the products, the less likely they’ll want to send you another VoxBox :(

Excited about trying out Influenster?  What an invite??  Contact me and I’ll email you with an invitation!  Everything’s free, there’s no catch, no credit card number, no nuthin lol.  If you’re not sure, then subscribe to my blog and I’ll keep you posted on my Influenster experience :)

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