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Hello Hello!

Just wanted everyone to know that you can now follow my blog at as well as a ton of other awesome blogs. I just added a bunch of DIY, Cooking, and Beauty blogs. Now I’ll never run out of stuff to read on my phone and iPad lol.

Are you on Bloglovin? Is your blog on Bloglovin?? Let me know so I can follow you too :D


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Hello! Back from a couple of road trips!

Hi everyone! The last 6 months have been really busy so this blog has definitely been neglected. I have a few weeks before I start traveling again but I really wanted to post some updates before I leave. I’ve been very fortunate enough to go on a couple of road trips since my last update, and have shot tons of fun stuff from New Orleans, Savannah, and many other fun cities. I hope everyone has been doing well and check back for some fun updates :D

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Hi it’s Jen and thank you for visiting my photoblog.

I live in Los Angeles, California and I love to travel, take photos, cook, bake, and anything that is crafty and DIY.  Along with travel and food photos (yes this is that type of blog lol) I also love posting about my adventures in soap making.  Ever since I watched the movie Fight Club in 1999, I’ve become obsessed with making soap.  Hopefully I’ll inspire you to try out this very fun hobby and become obsessed like I am…*muahhaha

Thank you again for stopping by my blog and I hope that you’ll find my photos and postings fun and interesting to read.

Your new internet friend,


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Hi it’s Jen!  I live in Los Angeles, and is my little corner of the internet where I blog about everything from food, travel, handmade soaps, hand poured candles, and everything else I find fun and exciting.

I hope you enjoy the posts and don’t forget to comment and say hi :D




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