The streets of the French Quarter at night

walking around in new orleans

After spending a couple of hours having dinner and shopping, we decided to head back to our hotel.  I was really worried that our pralines and cigars would have gotten wet if it had started to rain again.  Can you imagine how sad it would have been if our pralines melted??

exploring french quarter new orleans

The rain had made the streets dark and shiny, which made all of the photos I took that night even more dramatic.

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Two Hills Tea

Two Hills Tea organic matcha

The three types of matcha they sent me were First Harvest Matcha, Matcha Coconut Latte, and Matcha Almond Latte.

I love to drink tea.  I have 2 cabinets at home dedicated to teas and I drink them all day.  I’d often have Irish breakfast tea in the morning, genmaicha for lunch, a strong chai in the afternoon, then rooibos or peppermint tea before bed.  The right kind of tea can be satisfying, go with every meal, provide energy, or help me relax.  I love it when my friends come over and we have an impromptu tea party.  Of all the teas I’ve served, the one most people seem to know the least about is matcha.  The people that have had matcha recognize it from Starbucks’ Matcha Latte or Japanese green tea ice cream.  It seems like very few people have had real matcha at home.  Making matcha at home is much more satisfying, tastes way better, and is definitely easier on the wallet.  This is why I’m so excited about my collaboration with Two Hills Tea :D

Two Hills Tea is a company in Nelson, BC, Canada and specializes in USDA certified Organic, Direct Trade, and Non-GMO loose leaf teas.  They work closely with their tea farms to ensure that everything is organic and each harvest is of the highest quality.  Not only does Two Hills Tea have their signature matcha, they’ve also created fun products like their matcha latte mixes.  These mixes contain their organic matcha, a variety of organic spices, and is sweetened with organic cane sugar.  All you have to do is add any type of milk (hot or cold), and you’ll have a delicious drink that blows Starbucks out of the water.

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Hello Hello!

Just wanted everyone to know that you can now follow my blog at as well as a ton of other awesome blogs. I just added a bunch of DIY, Cooking, and Beauty blogs. Now I’ll never run out of stuff to read on my phone and iPad lol.

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Cigar Factory New Orleans

cigar factory new orleans

While the rain was still just a sprinkle, we shuffled our way down the street to get in some more sightseeing.  After checking out a few shops, we stopped in at Cigar Factory New Orleans.

cigar factory new orleans museum

The first thing we noticed was the New Orleans Cigar Museum with lots of fun photos, illustrations, and artifacts.  Apparently some of the items date back to the 1800’s.

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Caprese Pesto Sandwich

Caprese Pesto Sandwich

The Caprese Pesto Sandwich is one of my favorite things to bring on a picnic and a road trip.  This sandwich can be wrapped up and the crusty bread will stay nice and firm while soaking up all of the flavors from the pesto, mozzarella, and tomato.  Another great thing is that you could find almost all of the ingredients at your local Costco.  Man do I love Costco…

costco roma tomatoes on the vine

Some ripe Houweling’s Roma tomatoes still on the vine.  Costco baby!  Make sure you keep your tomatoes on the kitchen counter and not in the refrigerator.

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