Photos from our trip to Fort Collins

Though our trip to Fort Collins was a short one, we had some pretty memorable moments.  Here are a few photos that I’d love to share from our trip.

fort collins colorado cat

Akane, the smallest adult cat I’ve ever met.  This cutie pie had the tiniest little paws and the chubbiest cheeks.  She loved to lay right by us.  Close but not too close.  This made me want to squeeze her even more (queue mental image of Elmyra Duff).  One afternoon we came back and saw that she had dropped her little toy mouse on Jon’s slipper.  Though this might had been on accident, I’d like to believe that she was confessing her love for him by offering him her greatest treasure.

Belgian Malinois colorado

Veronica, the first Belgian Malinois I had ever met.  She was sweet, very gentle, and loved to get petted.  She was great on walks and we even got to go hiking with her.  Though she was many times bigger than Akane, we knew who really ruled the roost.

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Hiking Horsetooth Falls Trail

Horsetooth Falls Trail

After asking many Denver locals for suggestions on what we should do while we were in Colorado, we noticed that everyone would tell us the same thing… “do something outdoors!” At this point I’m just going to throw it out there, I am not an outdoorsy kinda of person. I enjoy sightseeing, taking photos, but the high elevation of Colorado + female monthly problems + the heat (it was in the high 80s that day lots of people were hiking in bathing suits) = a very cranky Jen. Even with all of that combined, I knew that we could not pass up hiking in Colorado. Reluctantly, I agreed to go something outdoorsy… LOL

Since we were in Fort Collins, Jon’s cousins drove us to Horsetooth Mountain Park, and we all hiked the Horsetooth Falls Trail. This trail was 5800ft at its highest point and was about 2.5 miles round trip. It was steep, sometimes very narrow, and had nothing on the sides to catch us if we fell. While I whined all the way to and back from the waterfall, Jon’s cousins were saints and put up with all of it with a smile. Just imagine a person afraid of heights, not in hiking shoes, had Los Angeles lungs breathing in high elevation, wore jeans, extremely hormonal, and hiking in 80+ degree weather. They were saints I tell ya…absolute saints…hahahaha.

belgian malinois hiking

Here’s Jon’s cousins’ Belgian Malinois named Veronica, getting ready for the hike. She was such a trooper and was so good at finding the proper footing for the path.

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Celestial Seasonings Factory Tour

celestial seasonings factory tour

I am a huge fan of drinking teas. I am actually a bit obsessed with teas. We have 2 cabinets in our pantry devoted to everything from American Tea Room’s Brioche, Adagio’s Roobios Vanilla Chai, Bird Pick’s Premium Silky Green Tea, to bags of Korean Barley Tea, and of course some good ole PG tips. Since Boulder Colorado is the home of Celestial Seasonings, I made sure that we took their free factory tour before we left Colorado.

celestial seasonings factory tour

The Celestial Seasonings Factory was about 40 minutes from Denver. Jon’s cousin was sweet enough to pick us up and played tour guide for the trip. The Tour Center is where we checked in and where they had as much free tea as your heart desired. (I have to forewarn you, I don’t have any pictures from inside of the facility because we were asked not to take any photos :( . I will have to do my best to describe everything I remember lol). They had their full range of teas out for everyone to sample as well as milk, sugar, and honey ready to go if you wanted to sweeten up your cup. Of all of the teas I tried, my favorite was their Honey Vanilla Chamomile. It was caffeine free, smooth, flavorful, but still very light. Then for my second cup I added a touch of milk and honey and it instantly transformed into a dessert tea.

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Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank, Denver Branch

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Denver Branch

Before we left Denver, we wanted to visit the Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Denver Branch.  It was a only a few minutes away from our hotel, free to enter, and you didn’t have to make an appointment to get in.  Free + easy = awesome when you travel.. lol.  We wanted to visit the Denver Mint, but you had to make reservations months ahead, and we were not that prepared.. hahahah.

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Denver Branch

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Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs

Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs Denver

While we were in Denver we knew that we had to try some local specialties, and Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs came highly recommended by the people we talked to.  They have a restaurant, but the weather was so nice we wanted to checkout their food cart instead.

Biker Jim's Gourmet Hog Dogs cart

On Wednesdays their menu changes slightly.  That day they featured Pheasant Sausage, Hungarian Sausage, and their Bosna Brat.

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