Little Louie’s Cafe and Deli

Little Louie's Cafe and Deli

When you stay overnight at Hotel Mac, you get a voucher for a free continental breakfast across the street at Little Louie’s Cafe and Deli.  It’s a great cafe that seems to be a popular breakfast joint for the locals.

Breakfast at Little Louie's Cafe and Deli

Part of the Continental Breakfast is a choice of a baked good, along with juice, coffee, eggs, and fruit.

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Hotel Mac

Hotel Mac Point Richmond

After a long day of driving and exploring Keller Beach, we decided to head back to our hotel and have dinner.  Lucky for us, Hotel Mac’s very own restaurant is highly rated, so we decided to check it out.  Though I do have to mention…no discounts for people staying at the hotel.

Hotel Mac Richmond California

The Hotel Mac’s restaurant was very busy that night.  Lots of people were at the bar (no photo so you’ll have to trust me on this) and most of the tables were filled up.  The mood lighting was very nice, though a bit dark for my camera so I wasn’t able to get very many photographs.  Plus we were starving so I didn’t want to waste anytime taking pictures… *wink

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Keller Beach

Keller Beach Point Richmond

After a few days in Roseville, CA we drove to Point Richmond.  As soon as we dropped off our luggage at the Hotel Mac, we immediately asked the locals where the nearest beach access was.  They all recommended Keller Beach.

It was already later in the afternoon and slightly foggy, but the atmosphere was perfect and very “Northern California” to us Los Angeles folks.  It was a little gloomy, with bits of sun shining down through the clouds, breezy salty air, and cold cold.. did I mention.. very cold water.  There were families there picnicking (I had no idea how they could have a party when it was so cold), and a few people just walking along the sand like we were.

Keller Beach

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