Countryside Kitchen Soap Cupcake

countryside kitchen soap cupcake

Here are my Countryside Kitchen Soap Cupcakes.  A few days ago I decided to try a triple color swirl with soap.  I’ve swirled multiple colors on real cupcakes before, but I was worried that it would be difficult in soap because of the texture difference.  It really does take a bit of getting used to the texture.  I’ll definitely need to whip up a few more (*crossing fingers) batches until I’m comfortable with the technique.

The scent I used was a blend of cinnamon, clove, peppermint, and a touch of orange.  I love that it’s spicy and tingly.  It’s a great holiday scent.

Handmade Pumpkin Soaps

Unscented handmade pumpkin soaps

These handmade pumpkin soaps were made with pumpkin puree, finely ground oatmeal, unscented, uncolored, and completely from scratch.  This soap was made the old fashioned way through the hot process method.  I’ve found that soaps made this way give a very bubbly lather and the pumpkin puree adds a very creamy feel.  This soap doesn’t have any water added to it, just creamy natural pumpkin.

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