Coconut Matcha Popsicles

Coconut Matcha Popsicles

Summer is upon us and it’s time to whip out the popsicle recipes!  I’ve always loved making popsicles and ever since we bought the Zoku Quick Pop Maker (Amazon affiliate link), I’ve been making them more often.  Made too much fruit smoothie?  Pour it in the Zoku!  Have leftover coffee?  In the Zoku it goes!  Since the machine is so small, we always put it back into the freezer after it’s been washed.  This way we can make popsicles all the time.

Lately I’ve been having coconuts on my mind.  You know Summer = coconuts!  Makes sense to me…lol.  Well if you have coconuts on your mind and love matcha, you’ll love my Coconut Matcha Popsicles!  These pops are vegan, low calorie (only 36 calories each), low carb, and they even give you a little caffeine kick.

vegan coconut matcha popsicle recipe

Ingredients: 2 TBSP Two Hills Tea Matcha Coconut Latte,  2 TBSP Trader Joe’s Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar, 1 TBSP Let’s Do Organic Shredded Coconut (Amazon affiliate link), and 1 3/4 cups of So Delicious Unsweetened Organic Coconut Milk.

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Lavender and Mint Handmade Soap

Lavender and Mint handmade Soap

This Lavender and Mint handmade Soap were made with a vegan glycerin soap base with added shea butter and scented with a blend of lavender, spearmint, and peppermint essential oils.  The swirling took a little time to figure out because unlike cold process soap, glycerin soap is much thinner and the colors tend to muddle if not timed correctly.  This blend is slightly herbal, just touch of floral, and a great tingle from the two mints.  I’m in love with the scent and look!